How Did Tyler, the Creator Get Famous?

How Did Tyler, the Creator Get Famous?

Is there a more enigmatic and energetic hip hop character than Tyler, the Creator? Nobody seems to even be on his level!

Despite his use of offensive language and harsh horrorcore style, there is just something loveable about Tyler, and we can tell he never takes himself too seriously.

Lots of us get caught up in questions like is Tyler, the Creator gay? But today we’re turning back the clock and taking a historical look at the rise of this eccentric west-coast rapper and producer.

Bored in California

As a kid growing up in Ladera Heights, California, the young Tyler was super imaginative from the start. He drew pictures, tried every instrument, and began recording as soon as possible.

While working at Starbucks and attending school, Tyler put the majority of his effort into music. His unique stage name came from his original MySpace page, a site that has long been replaced by the new social media giants.

When Tyler was 16, he formed the now-legendary Odd Future collective with many other California rappers, producers, and personalities.

Led by Tyler and Earl Sweatshirt, the group was met with immediate positive acclaim. The Odd Future Tape showed a lot of promise to critics and the fanbase exploded overnight.

Odd Future was gaining steam, but Tyler never took the focus off his own solo projects. It was only one year later in 2008 when he released Bastard, a mixtape that showcased his offensive and outlandish style with the help of some Odd Future cohorts.

Hitting it Big

Tyler’s rise to fame was rapid, and being surrounded by legit hip-hop talent only helped.

Popular sub-groups like MellowHype and The Internet brought attention to the group, but Tyler remained the focus for critics and fans.

He released the full-length studio album Goblin in 2011, and was met with tons of positivity from fans and critics alike. The record also posted the biggest sales of Tyler’s career, making him a commercially viable solo artist at last.

The fame just kept coming with the debut of the Odd Future sketch-comedy TV show Loiter Squad, which premiered on Adult Swim in March of 2012. The show brought the insane world of Odd Future’s music to the screen and was a cult classic for 3 seasons straight.

Departure from Odd Future

With Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean finding their own success and the group facing internal tensions, Odd Future broke apart around 2015, although no formal announcement ever came from the Tyler or other members.

It was around this time that Tyler dropped Cherry Bomb, which was his first foray into the Neo-Soul and R&B styles of his current musical phase. He still brought some hardcore hip-hop bars, but his newfound freedom served him well overall.

The 2017 release of Flower Boy was another level of success for Tyler, and he finally got the recognition he deserved with a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album. He didn’t get the win, but the record was jazzier, crazier, and more original than anything that came before.

Current Stardom

Now in 2020, Tyler, the Creator is a bonafide superstar. He got a huge win in January at the Grammy’s for Igor, which blew everyone away. If you haven’t seen his Grammy performance yet, make sure you watch it ASAP!

We don’t know for sure what Tyler has up his sleeve next, but we know it’s going to be epic. To call the man unpredictable is a serious understatement!

Considering the trajectory of his career so far, we will likely see even more incredible albums, artwork, fashion, and film from this hip hop wizard.

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