In Atlanta tropical has a crazy fresh pop, courtesy of SLAPJACK Spirits Exotic Fruits

SLAPJACK, the original Exotic Fruit spirits brand, expands its line of Tropical Flavors.

Suddenly tropical has a crazy fresh pop, courtesy of SLAPJACK’sunique and expanding family of exotically-tropical fruit flavored vodkas.
Brand-new—and one-of-a-kind—SLAPJACK mangosteen-pineapple vodka delivers a sweet and juicy punch of flavor that's incredible as a shooter, neat or chilled. And yes, it's delicious with club soda or tonic over ice and in tiki drinks too.
SLAPJACK previously introduced the world's first and original SLAPJACK jackfruit vodka. Now it's upping the ante—and the creativity—with the next exotic-tropical breakthrough, SLAPJACK mangosteen-pineapple vodka.
Mangosteen, known as the “queen of fruit” in much of the world, enjoys one of the most intriguing flavor profiles on the planet, which is why it's massively popular in India and Southeast Asia. The purple-skinned bulb fruit is also popular for its mighty antioxidants and flood of vitamins like C, B1, B2, B6, calcium and iron.
Mangosteen's flavor unfolds like a blend of super-charged mango, ripe plantain and white peach—sweet with a touch of irresistible tart. SLAPJACK mangosteen-pineapple vodka rounds out its tastiness with just the right amount of juicy, citrusy pineapple.
SLAPJACK starts with a six times distilled and three times filtered premium vodka and is flavored with all-natural, real tropical fruits and pure cane sugar.
SLAPJACK is hand-made in small batches at a craft distillery in the northern hills of Georgia.
Coming soon to the ever expanding line of SLAPJACK vodka flavors: SLAPJACK Dragonfruit. SLAPJACK Cactus pear. SLAPJACK Lychee. SLAPJACK Star Fruit. SLAPJACK Asian Melon. SLAPJACK Buddha’s Hand Citrus.
Distributed by Georgia Crown and Tennessee Crown..

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