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6 Unique Wedding Gifts Everyone Will Want

Times are changing, and so are the wedding gifts

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are over 2 million marriages per year in the country. Times have changed, and so have the gifts that people are giving at those special events. While the most popular weddings gifts for years have included waffle makers and cast-iron skillets, some people are ready to think outside the box and go with something a tad more unique and fun. The good news is that there are some great gifts just waiting to be given to newly married couples.

“Forget the typical gifts that you are used to people giving; there’s simply no creativity behind them,” explains Sarah Scott Mitchell, co-owner of Neutrall. “When you can move past the waffle maker and skillet, you will really tap into an area that will stick with the couple and stand out.”

No matter what one’s budget is for purchasing a wedding gift, there is a unique gift option available. Unique wedding gifts offer the couple a surprise, an adventure, and something out of the ordinary that they didn’t expect. Here are 6 unique wedding gifts that everyone will want:

  • Treasure hunting. Get creative and make a treasure hunt for the couple to go on. They will never expect to get something like this, so it will give them a fun activity to engage in. Expand the treasure hunt across the city, and be sure to include something special as the treasure they find.

  • Sustainability. Help the new couple get started on the environmentally friendly path by giving them the gift of sustainability. Opting for something like sustainable glassware for their kitchen will put them on the fast track to having an eco-friendly home, and it will inspire them to carry that idea forward into other areas. The sustainable glassware offered by Neutrall has become a popular wedding gift and continues to inspire those who receive it.

  • Outdoor adventure. People cherish experiences, making an adventure an ideal gift. Get the newlyweds a kayaking tour, surf lessons, a hot-air balloon ride, or something else that would be a fun and memorable experience.

  • Stocks. Most newlyweds are not established in the area of investing, so this makes a great gift to get them started. Purchase some stock for them in something they like, whether it’s their favorite type of beverage, electronics, etc.

  • Parachuting. Give the gift of ultimate adventure by gifting the couple a date to go parachuting. It’s a unique gift that will give them something to talk about for years. If this is too adventurous for them, opt for a hot air balloon ride.

  • Glamping. Give the couple a higher-end version of a camping trip. There are companies that will set everything up for them, so all they have to do is show up and have some relaxing fun out in nature. Today’s glamping experience is a whole other level above traditional camping, and it’s one that people love.

“Giving these wedding gifts will add excitement to their day,” added Mitchell. “They will put a smile on people’s faces and be remembered and talked about for years to come. It’s not going to collect dust in the cupboard, that’s for sure!”

All Neutrall glassware is completely upcycled and sustainable, from the initial materials used to create the glasses to the eco-friendly packaging used to ship them. The glasses are sturdy, compact, and Montessori-friendly. They are shipped in carbon-neutral packaging, there is zero waste, and each purchase includes additional carbon offsets that help to guarantee that it’s a carbon-neutral product. The glasses are made in the USA and are completely eco-friendly.

The first product launched by Neutrall is a set of two upcycled 8-ounce glass cups that are shipped in sustainable packaging. The sturdy and compact glasses are great for morning juices and drinks, and great for small hands. They are great for families, and to give as gifts for weddings and house warmings. Those who sign up to get the company’s free newsletter can save 12% off their purchase. To get more information about Neutrall or place an order, visit the site:

About Neutrall

Neutrall is a glassware company offering a product line that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and carbon-neutral. The glasses are completely made from upcycled discarded glass. The company was founded by a career conservationist and business leader, who believe that sustainability can be a part of every business model. The products are all made in the USA, and the company is based in Austin, Texas. To get more information about Neutrall, visit the site:


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