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Bagel Lovers Rejoice! Local Food Scientist and Chef Hosts Pop Up Event at New Restaurant

This upcoming Sunday, December 5th, customers can enjoy organic regular, gluten free and vegan friendly bagels and bialys. At the pop up event, Bagel+Slice will be debuting their brand new gluten free wheat bagels. Owner/Chef Brad Kent has worked tirelessly over the past year to take the gluten out of wheat to produce a unique bagel that tastes just as delicious and is 100% gluten free! The final product is finally here and is ready for you to try! The 100% gluten free wheat dough is made with a proprietary blend of certified gluten free wheat starch, whole grain gluten free buckwheat flour and sunflower flour.

At the pop up event, foodies can choose from:

(1) organic plain bagel (regular or gluten free)

(2) organic rosemary za’atar bagel (regular or organic gluten free)

(3) organic Caraway-Kamut bialys (regular or gluten free)

Additionally, Bagel+Slice will be offering 2 types of cream cheese options:

(1) plain house blend (dairy or vegan)

(2) veggie horseradish cream cheese (dairy or vegan)

Bagel+Slice’s dairy house blend cream cheese is made with organic Strauss dairy and their vegan cream cheese is cultured and nut free.

Bagel+Slice will also be offering their signature Goldilox open faced sandwich with lox, lemon olive oil, cream cheese, red onion, capers and herbs for $12.00, will serve cold brewed coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice for $4.00 and will be offering their toasted bagels or bialys with cream cheese for $4.00.

Bagel+Slice is more than just another restaurant. This restaurant represents community, social awareness and environmentally friendly solutions with a commitment to health consciousness for both their customers' well-being as well as the planet's natural resources. For the past 30 years, food scientist and internationally-renowned chef Brad Kent has been working tirelessly to perfect the taste and texture of both pizzas and bagels which marks now as the perfect time to debut his new establishment, Bagel+Slice. Paying homage to the historic New York City bagel makers, Bagel+Slice rolls their bagels by hand (not a machine), boils the bagels (instead of steaming them), bakes their bagels on a burlap lined board (not parchment paper) and bakes their bagels in a hearth oven (not a convection oven). Bagel+Slice is gluten-friendly and their doughs for bagels and pizzas are all vegan.

Bagel+Slice is committed to the future of our planet by contributing in major ways towards reversing climate change. One important contribution they are making, which has been linked with being one of the most highly effective ways for reducing greenhouse gasses and sequestering carbon from the environment, is by sourcing regenerative organic farmed ingredients.

Where: Bagel+Slice (4751 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042)

When: Sunday December 5th at 9am until supplies last

*Please note the preferred payment methods are Venmo or cash.


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