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Brooklyn Nets Star James Harden Takes Time to Connect With NYC's Underprivileged Students

On November 1st NBA star James Harden arrived at PS 149 Sojourner Truth in Harlem to help beautify the basketball court and mentor the at-risk students in the Publicolor program. He spent an hour painting and taking questions from middle and high school aged students. Links below to images and more information about Publicolor's work.

More about Publicolor :

Publicolor is a stay-in-school youth development program that engages high risk students for 4-6 years through a design based continuum that will mentor them for success in career college and life.

Across the outer-boroughs , under-privileged students are coming together to transform and enhance the monotone white walls by painting them with new bright and vibrant color schemes. Challenging students to find their "inner artist," the participants build not only relationships, but also spend their free time in a safe place creating art that boosts educational engagement. "Publicolor's students become invested in the change and, as the transformation occurs, the entire school is imbued with a sense of hope, involvement, and renewed energy. We aren't just transforming buildings; we are transforming lives.

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