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Don’t Let Daylight Savings Time Ruin Your Family’s Sleep!

For many families, the time change can make for cranky kids who either can’t stay up until bedtime, or are waking too early in the morning.

Whether you hate or love daylight savings, don’t let it disrupt your family’s life. With a few small adjustments and the help of the revolutionary Allay Lamp, it will feel like normal in no time.

There are many ways to manage the effects of DST, including:

• Adjusting a child’s sleep schedule a little bit at a time, in the days leading up to DST. This is effective for babies and small children, to avoid the worst of the effects of a sleep deprived baby.

• Adults can struggle with time changes too, as the average person is already sleep deprived. According to a CDC study, a full one third of American adults are routinely not getting enough sleep.

• Create a healthy sleep environment—for both adults and children—including utilizing light sources such as the Allay Lamp, to ensure that the brain is stimulated as little as possible from light.

This last point is easily the most important: establishing good bedtime habits and a healthy sleep environment are critical. Considering the importance of sleep in restoring the brain and body, it’s vital that the bedroom be conducive to maximum relaxation.

A few ways to create a healthy sleep environment include:

• Keep it dark and quiet for sleeping. Black out curtains and no television in the bedroom are a good start!

• Minimize distractions by avoiding screens at night, which also inhibit the brain from relaxing thanks to the blue light rays emitted.

• Control the light wavelengths that are used in the bedroom when not sleeping, by using an Allay Lamp.

In addition, families can enlist the help of the Allay Lamp which helps calm the brain and induce sleep. With the specific and narrow band of green light wavelengths used by the Allay Lamp, the electrical signals sent through the eye to the brain are far smaller and less energizing than standard blue/red light wavelengths. This helps calm the brain so that it is in a better state for rest.

This same principle can also help people who suffer from migraines or chronic headaches. The science behind headaches for most people involves sensitivity to light. Standard lighting is often too much for those who are sensitive and they will spend a lot of time in darker spaces, or behind sunglasses. The narrow wavelength of the green light in Allay Lamps allows those who do suffer from light sensitivity to go about their activities with far fewer headaches.

DST and the effects on sleep are manageable by creating the right space—including Allay Lamps—for rest and relaxation, allowing the body and brain to rejuvenate and restore itself the way it is meant to.

The Allay Lamp might be your family’s best strategy for getting your family’s sleep schedule back on track. Visit them at Also available on Amazon.


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