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On the horizon for Spring 2024 is Halidom Eatery, a game-changer in food, beverage, and community bonding for East Atlanta. Nestled in the IST Management building at 1341 Moreland Avenue SE, the eatery is poised to cater to a population of nearly 350,000 within a mere fifteen-minute drive. Surrounding neighborhoods benefiting from

this culinary addition include East Atlanta, Glenwood Park, Chosewood Park, Ormewood Park,

Boulevard Heights, Woodland Hills, and Gresham Park and Constitution.

Hal Blackman, IST Management Services’ President and CEO, remarked, “in our year at this

location, we’ve sensed from nearby residents that they are longing for a vibrant and new

communal space. Drawing from this feedback, we are putting together a stellar lineup of local

and regional food and beverage vendors. In addition, our vision is to invigorate the

neighborhood with many public events, private gatherings, and engaging weekly programs at

Halidom Eatery that are family friendly.”

A limited number of the eleven stall spaces are still available, which include exclusive features

like a stone hearth pizza oven, smoker, and the all-day-café stall is outfitted with espresso

machines that are both automatic and manual, two rapid cook ovens, and a beer tower for

nitro-coffee. Prospective culinary vendors will appreciate the streamlined operations backed by

a comprehensive management team, ready-to-use POS system, and efficient support staff.

Blackman further emphasized, “Our goal is to align with the community’s desire for near-by food

and ensure the chosen concepts resonate with the neighborhood’s comfort zone.”

Coliccho Consulting, a reputed name in food and beverage consultation, works collaboratively

with the Halidom Eatery team from ideation to execution.

Trip Schneck, Coliccho Consulting, Managing Partner, “Halidom Eatery is positioned to serve as

a flag-planting food and beverage experience in East Atlanta. Having worked on over 50 food

halls across the nation, Halidom Eatery is one of the most thoughtful and well-appointed build

outs we have seen in our 15 years of working on food hall projects. The owner’s commitment to

excellence permeates throughout the space. Our team at Colicchio Consulting had the

opportunity to work closely with IST Management and commercial broker terra alma on the

conceptualizing, planning, and curation of the eatery. Overall, we are excited to bring Halidom

Eatery to life, knowing it will provide a community table for the residents of East Atlanta and

beyond, while offering a little something for everyone in the neighborhood.”

Eimer Design Studio, a renowned architect and design firm, infuses an art deco aesthetic with a

touch of tropical flair. Ed Eimer, President, Eimer Design, “The Halidom Eatery project stands at

the top echelon of the more than 80 food hall projects Eimer Design has created, and I’m

incredibly excited to see this vision become a reality. It was clear from the beginning that IST

Management wanted a truly unique design. And the goal has been attained with an unexpected

and imaginative atmosphere that transports guests to an environment reminiscent of a warm,

tropical spot. The eatery is strategically laid out to allow visitors to meander through unique

pockets of indoor and outdoor spaces, finding a variety of artisanal vendors, dining spaces,

lounges and collaborative zones. Bold, vibrant colors and graphics are inspired by Art Deco

heritage, while organic and tactile elements derived from the relaxed lifestyle make the space

approachable to all. The combination of layout, materiality and curation will make Halidom

Eatery a local favorite, a destination and social hub unlike anything else in the South East

Atlanta area.”

The construction is entrusted to BA Barrett Construction, known for its meticulous work on

numerous IST Management projects.

Highlights of Halidom Eatery

Indoor seating for 320

Outdoor seating for 123

30-seat upscale bar

Pending open container permit

Distinct parking facilities for residents and visitors

A dedicated concierge service

Streamlined order and pick-up station

Third-party delivery options

A private events space

A sprawling 2-acre outdoor green space tailored for family enjoyment.

About Halidom Eatery

Set to redefine dining in Spring 2024, Halidom Eatery promises a gastronomic journey with local

and regional culinary brands across eleven stalls, a plush bar, an elite event area, and a

carefully curated outdoor green space. Even before its public debut, the eatery aims to engage

with the East Atlanta community through various neighborhood events. Located at the IST

Management headquarters’ base, it’s the inaugural phase of a mixed-use domain, Halidom,

which will house luxury apartments, retail spaces, and a peaceful 2-acre park, offering an oasis

amidst the urban hustle of Moreland Avenue. “Halidom” resonates with the 12th-century term,

symbolizing “sanctuary.”

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