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Greentop Gifts, the premiere Black-owned family business known for their cultural holiday decor, apparel and gifts, has selected Image Elevators as their PR agency of record.  The Atlanta-based Greentop Gifts has built a loyal following with their signature character Clarence Claus, and has become the go-to-brand for African Americans and families of color who seek diverse representation in their holiday gift wrapping and accessories.

Founder and CEO Jacquelyn Rodgers is one of the 2020 recipients of the Visa & IFundWomen Grant Program for Black Women-Owned businesses, and started Greentop Gifts in 2016 after a failed search for wrapping paper featuring a Santa of color. Desperate to have her two-year-old’s gifts wrapped with a Santa that represents what the holidays look like for their family, Rodgers embarked on a whirlwind entrepreneurial journey, backed by her fourteen years of consumer packaged goods experience.

With a complete line of holiday themed goods, including gift wrapping paper, mugs, ornaments, hats and t-shirts, the brand’s Black Santa, affectionately dubbed Clarence Claus, has been all the buzz, providing diverse representation during the holiday season!  Perfectly in tune with the world’s current social conversation around the importance of representation in all forms of media and consumer goods, Greentop Gifts represents Black Excellence in everything the brand presents. 

Since its launch, Greentop Gifts has seen massive notoriety with features and coverage in O Magazine, Essence, UK Daily Mail and NBC, just to name a few!  Star-power support from the likes of  Gayle King and Keri Hilson have helped make Greentop Gifts a must have for the culture, and they are just getting started! In 2021, Greentop Gifts will extend their brand beyond holiday, with new product launches coming at the top of the new year! Be on the lookout for this exciting new business and fabulous brand as they continue to make sure African American culture is represented all year-round!


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