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Navigating Modern Masculinity: Life Coach Shares Tools to Help Men Become Catalysts for Positive Change

HOUSTON, Texas — In a world where blame often overshadows understanding, Michael Taylor presents a groundbreaking perspective in his latest book, Stop Blaming Men For All Of The Problems. Drawing on over 25 years of experience as an author and life coach specializing in men's work, Taylor delves into the shifting landscape of manhood and masculinity, offering a refreshing take on how these changes can be harnessed to address pressing societal issues.


“As a men’s life coach, I believe redefining manhood and masculinity can help eradicate a large percentage of the social ills plaguing our world,” Taylor said. “I believe this book can help do that.”


With nuance and insight, Taylor challenges the prevalent narrative that often places blame solely on men for the world’s woes. Instead, he invites readers on a journey to explore the complexities of masculinity and its impact on society. From toxic stereotypes to the pressures of traditional gender roles, Taylor fearlessly examines the factors contributing to men's struggles while illuminating a path toward a more equitable and harmonious future.


Through compelling anecdotes and thought-provoking analysis, Taylor illustrates how embracing a more inclusive and compassionate vision of masculinity can lead to profound societal transformation. He explores the potential for men to become allies in the fight against injustice, advocates for mental health awareness and champions the importance of emotional intelligence in fostering healthy relationships.


Stop Blaming Men For All Of The Problems is more than a critique of outdated ideologies; it is a manifesto for change. Taylor's optimistic outlook infuses every page, inspiring readers to envision a world where men are empowered to redefine their roles and contribute positively to the collective well-being of humanity.


“There are resources available to men that will support them in creating extraordinary lives,” Taylor added. “There is currently a strong movement for male empowerment programs, and this book is a resource that will educate, motivate and inspire men to become the best men they can be.”


About the Author

Michael Taylor is a shining example of resilience and determination, having overcome immense personal challenges to become a renowned life coach, motivational speaker and bestselling author. His unwavering commitment to empowering others has inspired countless individuals to pursue their dreams and live extraordinary lives.


A former high school dropout, Taylor faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles, including divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, depression and even homelessness. Yet, through sheer grit and an unshakable belief in himself, he emerged from these trials as a beacon of hope and inspiration.


With 14 published books under his belt, Taylor’s words have touched the lives of readers worldwide, guiding them toward personal growth, self-discovery and the realization of their full potential. As a certified life coach, he has dedicated his life to helping men and women break free from self-imposed limitations and embrace the extraordinary within themselves.


For more information, please visit, or connect with him on Facebook (Coach Michael Taylor) and Instagram (coachmichaeltaylor).



Stop Blaming Men For All The Problems – How Men’s Work Is Changing The World For The Better

Publisher: Creation Publishing Group

Release Date: May 1, 2024

ISBN-13: ‎979-8985728682

Available from


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