OWN Network's Greenleaf Premieres Tonight

The press screening of the Own Network's Greenleaf was incredible. Not only did media get insight from the cast but Executive Producer Craig Wright was there as well. We only got a clip of the upcoming season but it was gripping.

Craig Wright, Executive Producer, talked extensively about how he and Oprah Winfrey wanted to make this show unlike anything ever before. They both had backgrounds rooted in the church and both chose a different route later on. They both wanted to make sure that they did not disrespect the church. The show was to highlight personalities and not to mock religion.

Greg Allen Williams discussed how he made his character come to life. His character is a bad person but he learned that these type of people exist in this everyday world. They walk among us without our knowledge.

The cast as a whole are extended family. The chemistry that appears on screen is genuine. If it weren't, we would be able to tell.

Season 2 of Greenleaf premieres tonight at 10 pm so I hope that everyone tunes in on the OWN Network.

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