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REVEALED: Each US state's favorite honeymoon destination

  • Indonesia, with the most interest in Bali, is the most sought-after honeymoon destination in eight US states

  • Mexico is the most Googled honeymoon country in seven states, with Tulum continuing its surge in popularity, being the top destination in five of those states.

  • The Caribbean Islands continue to attract honeymooners, being the most Googled honeymoon country in seven states.

  • Four states want to honeymoon without a passport, searching for a honeymoon destination in America more than any other location.

  • A few destinations that surprisingly did not make the list were Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas.

New research has revealed each US state's favorite honeymoon destinations, with Indonesia taking the top spot as the most desirable destination for American newlyweds in eight states. Of those, seven were interested specifically in Bali.

The research by honeymoon experts Honeymoon Always analyzed Google Trends data to establish the most-searched-for honeymoon destinations in each state. 

The analysis revealed that Indonesia topped people's wish lists in eight states, with Hawaii, Kansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming all wanting to visit Indonesia. When broken down, the majority of these states search the most for a honeymoon in Bali, apart from Kansas, which searches most for a honeymoon in Indonesia in general.

Mexico ranks as the most Googled honeymoon destination in seven states. Tulum is the most Googled area of Mexico for honeymooners, with couples in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Texas all wanting to visit there. Connecticut residents searched for honeymoons in Cabo San Lucas, and Nevada couples most want to visit Puerto Vallarta.

Italy leads the way for a European honeymoon destination. It is the top search in six states, as Florida, Oklahoma, Washington, Michigan, and Illinois are all searching for honeymoons on the Amalfi Coast. In contrast, newlyweds from New Mexico are searching for Italy as a whole.

Switzerland is the most searched-for honeymoon destination in Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi and North Carolina.

Newlyweds in four states are happy staying closer to home, mostly searching for honeymoons within the U.S. Couples in Maryland and Minnesota prefer honeymoons in Florida over any other location; those in Utah prefer a honeymoon in Los Angeles, California, and New Yorkers prefer a trip to Oahu, Hawaii for their post-wedding vacation.

Greece is the most Googled honeymoon destination in three states–New Hampshire, South Dakota, and New Jersey–with Santorini and Mykonos being top destinations.

The first Caribbean destination to appear on this list is St. Lucia, the most Googled honeymoon destination for couples in Georgia and Vermont. Belize is the most searched-for honeymoon destination for residents of North Dakota, while Barbados is the most Googled location for Alabama newlyweds.

Honeymooners in Oregon and Montana Googled Aruba more than any other location, whilst Chile was the most Googled option for newlyweds in Iowa and Virginia.

The Maldives was also the most Googled location for those looking to book a honeymoon from Alaska and Rhode Island.

The Seychelles were the most desirable honeymoon destinations for residents from Indiana. West Virginia couples Googled the romance capital of the world, Paris in France, more than any other destination, whilst Iceland is the top honeymoon destination for South Carolina couples.

Mauritius and Tahiti in French Polynesia were the most Googled honeymoon destinations in Wisconsin and Arkansas, respectively. Delaware favored Ireland as a prime honeymoon destination over any other location, Antigua was the most Googled destination by Maine couples, and the Cayman Islands took the number one spot for Nebraska residents.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson from Honeymoon Always said:  

Commenting on the study, Dan Bagby of Honeymoon Always said,

"We always have a pulse on what destinations are the most popular for honeymoons, but studies like this are always fascinating to see where people are actually interested in visiting. While a relatively small percentage of people actually make it to Bali, it's clearly a popular dream destination where hopes may be tempered once the cost and flight times are understood.

I also love seeing the continued popularity of US destinations since there are so many amazing honeymoon options close to home. We are also a reminder of how important travel advisors and influencers are in sharing other options that do not make the list since these hot spots are not always their best option."

Each US state's favorite honeymoon destination

State Most Googled Honeymoon Destination Alabama Barbados Alaska Maldives Arizona Tulum Arkansas Tahiti California Tulum Colorado Switzerland Connecticut Cabo San Lucas Delaware Ireland Florida Amalfi Coast Georgia St. Lucia Hawaii Bali Idaho Bali Illinois Amalfi Coast Indiana Seychelles Iowa Chile Kansas Indonesia Kentucky Bali Louisiana Switzerland Maine Antigua Maryland Florida Massachusetts Tulum Michigan Amalfi Coast Minnesota Florida Mississippi Switzerland Missouri Bali Montana Aruba Nebraska Cayman Islands Nevada Puerto Vallarta New Hampshire Santorini New Jersey Mykonos New Mexico Italy New York O'ahu North Carolina Switzerland North Dakota Belize Ohio Bali Oklahoma Amalfi Coast Oregon Aruba Pennsylvania Bali Rhode Island Maldives South Carolina Iceland South Dakota Greece Tennessee Tulum Texas Tulum Utah Los Angeles Vermont Saint Lucia Virginia Chile Washington Amalfi Coast West Virginia Paris Wisconsin Mauritius Wyoming Bali


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