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Rupee Beer Launches Mango Wheat Ale 平

 Rupee Beer Launches Mango Wheat Ale 平
Rupee Beer Launches Mango Wheat Ale 平

It's peak summertime and after the immense success of Rupee's award winning lager nearly two years ago, brothers Van & Sumit Sharma enlisted the strategic insight of global craft brewing legend and creator of iconic Pumpkinhead, one of the most successful seasonal beers to ever hit the market to brew their next highly anticipated sku.

"The beer industry, South Asian community, and restaurant & food world have been asking us for months if we have any new beers coming out, and after much thought, research and development, we are excited to launch our signature Mango Wheat Ale on World Mango Day on July 22nd"

Mangos are the national fruit of India and considered sacred symbols of proprietary and good luck. In fact, India is the largest consumer and supplier of mangos in the world. Taking the 'King of Fruits' the team wanted to brew an easy to drink summer ale which is smooth with hints of tropical aroma and mango flavor.

The history of the mango dates back to 4000 BC on the Indian Subcontinent where over 1000 varieties of the fruit exist. One of these varieties, the Chaunsa mango was given its name by the revolutionary leader, Sultan Sher Shah Suri, creator of the modern day Indian Rupee which was the inspiration of the brand's first lager sku. In 1539, Sultan Sher Shah Suri defeated the second Moghal Emperor, Humayun, in the Battle of Chaunsa. In his extreme happiness, he commemorated the victory by naming his favorite variety of mango, the Chaunsa.

After relocating back to America after years living in London & Australia, the brothers having grown up in the Indian restaurant trade their entire lives wanted to shake up an industry which they truly felt lacked representation, and which also continued to make sub-par beer not designed to pair with the spicy and flavorful foods they grew up on.

Rupee Beer is available at national retailers such as Costco, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Total Wine, as well as top international restaurants within the Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern and Mexican category.

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