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Study reveals the most popular cuisine in Nevada

Study reveals the most popular cuisine in Nevada
Study reveals the most popular cuisine in Nevada

  • Mexican is the most popular cuisine in Nevada according to a new study of search data.

  • Over 95,645 searches for Mexican made by residents each month.

  • Chinese cuisine is the most popular cuisine throughout all states in America.

Mexican is the most popular cuisine in Nevada, averaging 95,645 searches per month, according to analysis of Google search data.

Research conducted by online price monitoring website Pricelisto analyzed Google search data to determine what cuisines are most popular in each state.

The data examined the search volume for cuisine-related searches in each state over the past 12 months. Different combinations of search terms were used to show the search volume, and the results were then averaged over the past 12 months and then aggregated by each cuisine to determine the most popular food in each state. For example, search terms such as “[cuisine] food”, “[cuisine] food near me” or “[cuisine] recipes]” were used to gather data.

The most popular cuisines in Nevada are as follows:

Ranking at number 1 is Mexican with 95,645 monthly searches.

Mexican cuisine is famous outside of Mexico and is known for its use of spices, corn, and avocados, providing many ways to enjoy the ingredients grown there. Tacos and Burritos are popular Mexican dishes; however, a vast list of traditional dishes is just as tasty. Chilaquiles is a traditional Mexican breakfast made from corn tortillas and topped with green or red salsa, the latter being extremely spicy. Mexico is also home to one of the most popular cocktails, the Margarita. The first ever Margarita was supposedly created in a bar in Mexico in the 1940s; nowadays, it has become a classic cocktail usually ordered at Mexican restaurants.

Ranking at number 2 is Chinese with 68,880 monthly searches.

Chinese food is prevalent all over America due to its affordability and comfort while offering new flavor combinations. It is a budget-friendly meal that can cater to different dietary requirements. For example, most meat-based dishes can easily be made vegetarian or vegan by replacing the meat with bean curd (Tofu). America is home to some of the most popular Chinese dishes, ‘Orange Chicken’ and ‘General Tso’s Chicken’, both adaptations of traditional sweet and sour dishes. It is common for Chinese restaurants to adapt to the American palate, which led to the creation of those two dishes as well as the fortune cookie.

Ranking at number 3 is Thai with 41,796 monthly searches.

Thai cuisine is known for using pastes, herbs, and Nam Pla (fish sauce). Popular dishes such as green, red, and yellow curry are beloved worldwide, with grocery stores offering ready-to-use pastes so people can make Thai dishes at home. It is important to know that there is an abundance of Thai restaurants in America, and this is due to gastro-diplomacy. The ‘Global Thai’ program was launched in 2002 by the Thai government to boost Thai restaurants worldwide to increase export and Tourism in Thailand. Thai cuisine has a familiarity with Chinese cuisine which may also explain its popularity; however, it uses more herbs and spices. One popular ingredient in Thai cuisine is Nam Pla (Fish Sauce), a seasoning made from fermenting fish and is used throughout Thai cuisine, from curries to dipping sauces.

Ranking at number 4 is Italian with 40,141 monthly searches.

Italian food is known for its fresh flavors that highlight the taste of ingredients used in cooking. Elements of Italian cuisine, such as olive oil and tomatoes, are essential in the kitchen, and Italy is home to the highly desired San Marzano tomato variety. This variety of tomatoes is often used in many Italian dishes but is known to be used in a classic tomato sauce that is used in pasta and pizza. These varieties of tomatoes get their unique flavor profile from being grown in volcanic soil, which is rich in mineral content. Italian food's comforting and universal appeal may be why it is popular in America. It must be noted that the search data did not include terms such as “Pizza” or “Pasta,” as these are constituents of Italian cuisine and do not represent the cuisine as a whole. Had these search terms been used, Italian food would rank much higher.

Ranking at number 5 is Indian with 40,132 monthly searches.

India is the world's spice capital, which is why the cuisine uses a plethora of spices in dishes, leading to the misconception that all Indian food is spicy. While an array of spices is used, they are often used to create unique flavor combinations and profiles. Most Indian take-out restaurants allow customers to adjust the spice level of their food to cater to different palate. Besides curry or lentils, another popular aspect of Indian cuisine is street food. This differs region-to-region in India and is becoming more popular in other parts of the world. It is known for its cheap, flavorful, and aromatic dishes made by street vendors.

A spokesperson from Pricelisto commented on the findings: “These insights show that there is a lot of conformity with what take-outs are being ordered and what restaurants people are visiting, especially as they are similar in most states. As the cost of living continues to rise, and visiting restaurants or having food delivered becomes more expensive, this data shows the cuisines that people will still be happy to spend money on.”



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