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The Joy Of Lily’s Toy Box

Twelve-year-old Lily DuBose has seen what it's like to lose precious belongings during a hurricane. That’s exactly what happened to her Houston community during Hurricane Harvey a few years back. Her decision to donate her toys to kids in need inspired the idea for her non-profit, Lily’s Toy Box. The group has donated over 17,000 toys to kids across the U.S. in the past three years!

Lily’s inspirational story to help fellow kids going through hard times makes a great segment that will hit home for many families this year. Recently, this young dynamo raised funds to purchase 15 pallets of new toys that went to kids affected by Hurricane Ida. She is a rainbow after a storm or hardship.

The non-profit is run by Lily and her parents, Jessica and James. The trio sends an enormous amount of gifts to kids for Christmas each year. They see to it that names are handwritten on every item and that all presents are wrapped.

“During Hurricane Harvey, my mom and I were in the closet when it was thundering and lightning outside,” says Lily. “It was my first hurricane and I was very scared. My mom was streaming the news on her iPad and I found it so sad that hundreds of kids had to evacuate from their homes and lose their toys. I knew I couldn't donate furniture but I wanted to help. Then I had an idea, I would give away my toys! The first toy I chose to give away was a Lego set and that’s how it all began.”

Lily’s Toy Box is asking for donations this holiday season so that they can increase the good work they’re doing in communities. The hope is that the more attention given to the non-profit, the more funds they’ll be able to raise, so we’re super passionate about getting the word out now for the upcoming months.

For individuals and corporations looking to donate, Lily’s Toy Box is ready and able to get toys for kids in need. Let’s make it a season to remember for all the right reasons and put a smile on kid’s faces!. Here is the donation link:

About Lily’s Toy Box:

Lily’s Toy Box is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides new toys, books, and other gifts to children going through a difficult time. Follow them on Instagram @lilystoybox.

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