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Tips to Elevate your Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving only three weeks away, it’s time to think about cozy and warm Thanksgiving décor that will make your home a welcoming haven—whether you’ll have guests this year, or will be celebrating the holiday around a smaller table than usual.  

TheSoul Publishing—the company behind some of the biggest viral videos on the internet—and they’re sharing some fun décor tips to make your Thanksgiving table inviting and elegant. The tips include:

  • A Showstopping Centerpiece: This easy DIY centerpiece uses a rustic-chic container filled with autumnal branches and flowers amongst two striking taper candles. It’s an easy and affordable way to wow your guests when they sit down! (Instructions here)

  • Elegant Folded Napkins: Create a napkin design worthy of a high-end restaurant, with sleeves for each utensil, for an elevated place setting. (Instructions here)

  • DIY Cinnamon Candles: Wrap cinnamon sticks around pillar candles and tie with twine. The result is a special (and lovely fragranced) extra touch that pairs well with pie! (Instructions here)


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