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"Varuni's Innovative Pizza Box Design Wins Top Recognition at Pizza Today Awards"

Our baby blue boxes are now award-winning! We're happy to share our restaurant was selected as the winner in the “Best Pizza Box Design” category in Pizza Today's 2023 Pizza Industry Excellence (PIE) Awards.

When you come across a baby blue pizza box in Atlanta, you instantly know it contains a delicious Varuni Napoli Neapolitan pizza. In addition to the bright blue color, the box prominently displays a red and white iteration of our logo featuring a Pulcinella, an iconic character in Neapolitan puppetry. While the box design is simple, it holds a sentimental value for our founder, Maestro Pizzaiolo Chef Luca Varuni. Next time you're at the restaurant, ask him about it to learn more!

Click HERE for details!


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