Viral Tik Tok Trends

TikTok is full of crazy videos with insane life hacks – but how many of them actually work? Thankfully, somebody has already tested these viral trends, so you don’t have to.

TheSoul Publishing, the company behind some of YouTube’s biggest videos has put TikTok to the test in this video on their 123 Go! Channel. A few of the trends they tested include:

  • Using Apples for Electricity – Can two apples, combined with quarters, produce enough electricity to charge a phone? The answer is…yes! (With enough apples, that is.)

  • Popping Popcorn with a Hair Straightener – Putting a kernel of popcorn in a hot hair straightener will make it pop! However, using a clothing iron is much more efficient.

  • Exploding Mentos in Coca-Cola – You’ve seen this classic science class experiment, but what happens when you combine several liters of Coca-Cola and a gallon of Mentos? Turns out, you need the pressure of a bottle to make this hack work.

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