Who is Ja Rule?

Ja Rule dominated the early 2000s with his cool hip hop jams. But he has actually been in the music industry for decades, always striving to come up with lyrics that would inspire a generation.

RapTV says that Ja Rule really got his start at the end of the 1990s when he was featured on Jay-Z’s album. Quickly after, his own music career seemed to burst, with his solo album becoming an instant success.

His lyrics talk about significant issues that he is passionate about, such as social justice and equality.

We all know Ja Rule will forever go down in the legend books for his contributions to the hip hop world. But who is Ja Rule?

What do we not know about this recording artists who so many current up and comers listened to and looked up to when they themselves were children.

Here is everything you need to know about Ja Rule!

1. He had a disciplined childhood

Ja Rule grew up in a household that was Jehova’s Witnesses, meaning that he never got to celebrate his birthday as a child! He also didn’t celebrate things like Christmas or Halloween. Instead, his mom and grandma focused on raising him with discipline and introducing him to the religion they were advocates for. He also grew up being an only child, although he always wished for siblings to grow up with. You’ll also notice that we don’t mention Ja Rule’s dad. That is because he was not involved in Ja Rule’s life. His mom did it on her own with the help of her mom, which is probably why religion was extra important to them!

2. He is a romantic

Ja Rule lived a disciplined childhood, but he was also the romantic from the time he was a young tween. He recalls falling in love for the first time at age ten and always wanted love over lust. So it will come as no surprise that Ja Rule actually met his current wife when they were in eight grade! The duo is still married and is adamant they are each other’s soul mates. How sweet is that!

3. He had a baby sister, briefly

Ja Rule is just as loving as he is romantic. His mother had been pregnant with a baby girl who they named Kristin, and Ja Rule always states he was very much looking forward to being a big brother. However, Kristen died during a miscarriage, leaving Ja Rule and his mom devastated. To honor his sister, he got her name tattooed on his body to always remember her by. This guy is too sweet for words!

4. He looked up to Jay-Z

We all know that Ja Rule got his big break after being featured on Jay-Z’s album. But before that opportunity came about, Ja Rule was in constant admiration of Jay-Z, looking up to him and taking note of everything he did! To this day, Ja Rule credits Jay Z for making him the rapper he became. The man is humble, and no wonder he has so much respect in the industry.

5. He only ever wanted to sing

Ever since Ja Rule was a child, he had determined that music would be his only career. Since he could talk, Ja Rule has been honing his skills and craft, as he has always been motivated to make it in the music business. For him, there were never any other options. Success was the only result he would accept for his singing career. And thanks to that, we are now all blessed with the brilliant music of Ja Rule!

6. He was not always popular

In fact, during high school, Ja Rule was bullied to the point his mom wanted him to switch schools. But it was also during high school that Ja Rule was given his stage name by his friends. Since the name was formed, it has stuck with the singer ever since. And really, his music wouldn’t really be the same without the name Ja Rule. By the way, his actual name is Jeffery Atkins!

7. He is an entrepreneur

Not only is Ja Rule an established rapper, but he is also an entrepreneur. He founded the L.I.F.E foundation to fight the social injustices he famously sings about. He is dedicated to giving back and helping people get on the right path for their lives. In addition to this foundation, he also started his own beverage company and clothing line! Seriously, what can’t this man do!

So who is Ja Rule? He is a loving son and husband, a romantic, a mentor, a hard-worker, an entrepreneur, a legend, and a rap sensation! The rap world would not be the same without Ja Rule in it. His songs will forever go down in history, as well as who he is as a person and his motivation to make the world a better place. 

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