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MARVA (Mid-Arkansas River Valley Abilities) Workshop, Inc. was incorporated in November of 1968. MARVA is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation registered in the state of Arkansas.** It is governed by a volunteer board of directors composed of individuals selected to represent a cross section of the community. The purpose of this nonprofit organization is to provide meaningful work and services to adults with developmental disabilities. The establishment of a sheltered workshop was the collaborative effort of a group of concerned citizens. This group wanted local services for the individuals with disabilities and their families. Up until this time, training and services for this population were only available at institutions like Conway Human Development Center (The Children's Colony). Families had to make a heart wrenching decision. Their choice was to keep their family member with special needs at home and hope that the individual would develop to their fullest potential, or to send them to the institution where they would receive specialized training and supports but would only be able to come home on the holidays - a very difficult decision for most. The creation of a local sheltered workshop was a major breakthrough. Family members with developmental disabilities could now stay at home and receive services - allowing the individual to grow and develop to their greatest potential in their own community with daily support from family and friends. One of the first ways to provide meaningful work and training opportunities for adults was through the creation of a thrift store. Generous donations of sell-able items from the community were sorted, tagged, priced and stocked in a small resale store that was open to the community. Our client workers continue to be an important part of the process today. We continue to receive a wide variety of items ranging from everyday necessities to very unique “one of a kind” items - from brand new to interesting antiques. The overall store process provides an excellent source of work experience for our clients. Donated items that are received in excess or not sale-worthy are evaluated for their salvage potential. These items are then funneled to the appropriate vendor for recycling. This procedure provides a means to prevent unwanted items from being deposited in the local landfill, and creates meaningful work for our client workers at the same time. Thank you for your support! **Monetary and non-monetary gifts/donations to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations generally qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor or the IRS to determine what rules apply in your situation.**


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