Sea Turtles Welcomed at Georgia Aquarium as Part of Hurricane Matthew Relief

ATLANTA (OCTOBER 10, 2016) – Hurricane Matthew left his effect on the southeast coastlines this past week. As the warnings for evacuations escalated for residents to head inland, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center in Jekyll Island, Ga. had to evacuate more than just their human staff members.

Although the team evacuated to Statesboro, Ga., Hurricane Matthew’s force reached further than expected and caused the team to move. This past weekend, 18 turtles arrived at Georgia Aquarium’s animal care facility where members from the Aquarium and Georgia Sea Turtle Center will care for them before they head back to Jekyll Island.

The turtles arriving at Georgia Aquarium (a variety of young green sea turtles, kemp’s ridley turtles, loggerhead hatchlings, box turtles, and river cooters), are expected to stay at least a week while Georgia Sea Turtle Center staff head back to Jekyll Island to evaluate their homes and the facility.

Georgia Aquarium is proud to offer a temporary home and uninterrupted care to these rescued turtles and to work collaboratively with the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a premier marine life rehabilitation, research and education facility. All admission fees and donations go to daily operations, upkeep and maintenance of the Center, as well as exhibit development, equipment, and all aspects of turtle care. To make a donation to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center please visit

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