Southern Crust Catering Launch at Wild Heaven Brewery

I attended the Southern Crust Catering Company launch party this past Thursday. It was held at Wild Heaven Brewery in Decatur, Ga. This is definitely a hidden gem near Avondale Estates.

After I checked in, I got my Wild Heaven glass and drink tickets. It was going to be a great night. I went over to the bar for my first round. They filled my glass up more than I expected. That was a plus. I loved the design of the brewery. It was original, warm and welcoming. Outside is where the real party started.

When I heard about the 1953 Chevy truck outfitted with a Valoriani pizza oven I was immediately intrigued. A myriad of questions traveled through my mind. A pizza oven on a truck? Can it be driven? Is it really fully functional? All these questions were put to rest as I glided outside to see this fully outfitted food truck. It was beautiful!

There were appetizers and sample pizza slices for everyone. The wood fired pizza choices were margherita, clam, butternut squash and pistachio pesto. The margherita was scrumptious. I love when restaurants use fresh ingredients. You can literally taste the difference. The tomato, basil and mozzarella were a tasty melody.

The clam was good. It was composed of fresh mozzarella, clams, parmesan and cream. I never had clam on pizza before. It was a pleasant surprise.

Butternut squash was up next. I'm not a huge fan but I was willing to give it a shot. Roasted squash, caramelized onions, mozzarella, arugula and truffle oil sounded good. And it was. This combination was sheer genius. I'll go as far as to say that it was my favorite.

Last but certainly not least was the Pistachio Pesto. This one really had me questioning my life. Pistachios are good in ice cream and even by themselves. On pizza? Pesto, goat cheese, ground pistachios and spicy honey made the perfect blend. It was so good!

I spoke briefly with owners Bob and Bryan Lewis who were both excited about staking their claim on the Atlanta market. Their calendar is overwhelmed with bookings into the new year. Click Here to book them for your next gathering.

The servers were friendly and knowledgeable about every food item. They were even more passionate about describing how each pie was made. All the servers were friendly and full of joy. They love what they do. That’s important. If they love what they do, they'll make sure clients have a delightful time.

Before the night was out they made s'mores! I haven't had homemade smores since I was a teen. They made them right there in the oven. They were so good. I absolutely had more than my share.

This launch was a huge success. What a way to introduce a brand that will be covering events in the metro Atlanta area and beyond. I look forward to many more events in the near future. Bravo Southern Crust Catering Co!

Thank you to the phenomenal Caren West and her amazing team (Caren West PR) for always keeping me in the loop with groundbreaking info. My readers love when I bring them exclusive news. If you need a firm to put your book, business or event on the map I guarantee they can do it like no other. Be sure to tell them Ash Said It sent ya!

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