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Ozeri Movie Time Popcorn Maker **REVIEW**

I had the honor of reviewing the Ozeri Movie Time Popcorn Maker over the Thanksgiving weekend. My 8 year old niece was having a slumber party and I thought that this popcorn maker would be a fun addition.

I have not made popcorn from scratch since the 80's. I remember how fun it was for my mom to make popcorn in the kitchen. We would have this snack for a movie, a show or just because. Would this be as fun?

When I arrived with the machine in hand, I had about 10 little people asking all kinds of questions. What's in the box? What is it? What does it do? I calmed this crowd and explained what it was. This excited them. Some had never seen popcorn made at home that didn't come from a bag.

The machine itself is light and compact. It can sit comfortably on any countertop without taking up too much space. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. There was no need for popcorn oil because it is an air popper. It does not require oil. There's a space at the top to melt butter while you pop.

Unlike its retro counterparts, this popper pops 1 cup in under 2 ½ minutes. Back in the day my mom spent at least 30-45 minutes from prep to finish with that popper. This Ozeri popper cooked the popcorn in under 2 minutes! I was impressed. Be it that it was a new product I thought that maybe it would take extra time on its first use. It really didn't need much time. The butter at the top did not fully melt. I believe I put too much butter at the top and it was clearly not enough time for it to melt.

The taste was light and fluffy. There is absolutely nothing like freshly popped popcorn. I sprinkled the butter that was melted over the bowl along with a pinch of sea salt. This machine is a hit with children. They were amazed. It was as if I had just done a magic trick.

The bowl we had was not tall enough to catch all the flying corn. The kids had fun helping me find pieces. But just like old reliable, not all the kernels popped. I'd say a good 5-10 were halfway popped. The kids didn't notice. And with the majority of the kernels cooked, it didn't make a difference.

We did a little better with our 2nd batch. I used a bowl that could reach directly under the spout. This way everything could get caught at once. This worked a whole lot better. The raised bowl caught everything including uncooked kernels. The same butter chunk was at the top and didn't really budge much. Unphased by the butter situation, I served this new batch of freshly popped popcorn to a group of young ladies on a mission to watch Frozen for the 1000th time.

I recommend this Ozeri Movie Time Popcorn Maker to people across the world. Not only is the machine small and not bulky but it’s a healthy alternative to traditional popcorn. It has less calories and preservatives. Not to mention you don't need to use oil at all. You can always add your favorite fixins to it. Happy Holiday season to you all!


I received this item for my honest and unbiased review.

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