Ozeri Serafino Glasses **REVIEW**

I had a small gathering at my home with a few sorority sisters and the Serafino glasses were a hit! I found a recipe online for Blue Fireworks and I decided that it would be the theme drink. It is composed of Blue curacao, coconut rum, orange juice, pineapple juice and multi-color sprinkles. 7 PM rolled around and 3 of my sorors were able to visit. They were tickled pink to see that not only did I honor our sorority colors with the drink but the glasses that they were presented with were unusually crafted. The blue drink dazzled them as it was seemingly suspended in a wall of glass. I could not feel any condensation from the icey mixture.

These cups are made of glass. When one of my guests dropped her glass on the floor, my heart skipped a beat. Luckily, it didn't shatter. It didn't even crack. Sure there was blue juice everywhere but certainly no shattered glass. This was a plus.

The next day I decided to test out its ability to withstand hot beverages. I made my favorite cup of green tea with a hint of honey. Picked up the glass and it was cool to the touch. OMG! I could hardly believe I was drinking hot tea from a glass and there was no heat transfer. These will impress the kids too. I made hot chocolate with marshmallows for me and my godsons.

Presentation is key with anything. These cups will impress with very little effort on your part. I absolutely love these Serafino glasses! Click Here to order yours today. They make a great gift for the holidays.

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