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The Haves and the Have Nots: Media Screening

Ash Said It had the pleasure of attending a VIP screening of The Haves and the Have Nots. This #1 hit drama premieres its 4th season on January 3 at 9 ET/PT on Own TV. Check out the suspenseful trailer HERE.

We were pleased to welcome three actors from the show. Angela Robinson (Veronica Harrington), Renee Lawless (Katheryn Cryer) and Tyler Lepley (Benny Young) joined the press for this exclusive event.

Katheryn snapped and Veronica is scared? Oh how the tables have turned!

The lights dimmed and it was officially showtime. Veronica opens the scene in a panic. Katheryn just killed Jennifer in cold blood. Was she next? This is the first time I can recall Veronica actually being frightened. Usually she's the bully and plotting her next move. She frantically tries every door on the floor. They're all locked. Katheryn comes down the stairs cool, calm and collected.

Katheryn's tone and mannerisms are not that of someone that just took a life in her very own living room. No, she seemed as if she had not a care in the world. Veronica, however, was still in shock over witnessing the murder. She plead with her to help clean up this mess. She assured Katheryn that she knew people that could take care of it for her. Her response was why should I trust you when you were the reason Wyatt was attacked in prison.

Katheryn soon grew tired of Veronica's lies to escape the house. She read Veronica like a book! Told her about her childhood, school, how she seduced her father for funding and how she was a ruthless person that nobody really liked. There was no denying it. Katheryn's words had truth. She made her apologize for allowing Wyatt to be in the same cell as that animal that attacked him. The scene closed as Veronica asked her to open the door. Katheryn's response was classic. She told her to exit through the window.

This premiere episode was incredible. There were so many new angles that it was impossible to look away from the screen. The icing on the cake was getting insight from the actors themselves. They were asked about how their characters changed this season. Click Here for their responses. And find out what they admire most about their characters HERE.

Fans are in for a thrill ride this season. Tonight's premiere will leave audiences wanting more. Tyler Perry knows how to make quality television. This program is very reminiscent of the 80's primetime drama Dynasty. It adds an essence of danger accompanied by sassy and joined together by love. The relationships in this story make us reflect on our own lives. That makes it relatable and good TV.

This event was hosted by one of this nation's hardest working PR Firms, 135th Street Agency. They took exceptional care of us to make sure that everyone had extraordinary experience. The food was exquisite and certainly more than expected. Thank you 135th Street Agency for all that you do to add value to this industry.

Do not miss this premiere episode of The Haves and the Have Nots on the Own Television Network tonight at 9 PM ET/PT.

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