Tobi Camal Jumpsuit

I haven't worn a jumpsuit since the 90's. Oh how times have changed. I often times run in the opposite direction. You never know how they will fit or if it will look right. High fashion regularly create pieces for consumers 5'9 and taller. I'm only 5'6 so certain fashions just don't look appealing because of my height. However this camel colored outfit from fit perfectly.

A last minute gig would not stop me from making a fashion statement. I hosted a private event in downtown Atlanta wearing the Sidebar Cut Out Jumpsuit. Its getting chilly so having my legs covered was a plus. I would customarily wear a ball gown to such an event. Colleagues were surprised to see me in a different style.

The fabric is soft and comfortable. The peek a boo cutouts on the sides are a unique touch. I can honestly say that I've never seen a more unique jumpsuit. And to take it a step further, I never thought I'd ever find one that would fit me perfectly.

Tobi has a vast collection of jumpsuits as well as other stylish garments. Click here to check out the site for more out of this world outfits and accessories.

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