Atlanta's Elite Attend Erica's Table of 20

On Saturday, February 25th, 2017, Author and Publicist; Erica Dias hosted her 22nd Erica's Table of 20. This event has become one of the most sought after, exclusive events that you defiantly want to receive a "Golden Ticket" for.

Ericas guest speakers included; one of the top wedding / event planners; Jan Hill of La Fete Weddings and Events, menswear, Fashion Designer; Harper, and Entertainment Attorney / Yoga Instructor Raeha Kim.

Each guest speaker shared their non-flittered story on their journeys that landed them where they are today. After listening to each speaker, including Erica Dias, a few key words that really stuck out, included; HOPE, PASSION, CONSISTENCY, HARD WORK, and FAITH.

The room was filled with positive energy, good vibes, and beautiful decor provided by Jan Hill, and amazing desserts from BONGLAZE, and Faith It Until You Make It cupcakes from Cakes By Keenah, and a beautiful fruit platter and chocolate covered strawberries from Chef Disa.

Cities from around the globe are requesting Erica's Table of 20 to visit their city. Check soon upcoming tour dates.

View a sneak peek of Erica's Table of 20 from the link below and photos.

Video and photos By: Kalvin Reeves

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