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Embodied Passion: Living Life Your Way

Hello this is Tonya Dawn Recla with Super Power Experts! I have this huge grin on my face right now because I am so excited to introduce our next guest Ash Brown! She is a force to be reckoned with that’s all I have to say, you want to talk about passion and power; she has a motivational podcast called Ash Said It Daily.

We could just stop at motivational, the encouragement and the absolute embodiment of what it looks like to push through your stuff, to do the work and really show up in a big way.

So please join me in welcoming Ash Brown to the show!

Thanks so much Tonya it is a pleasure to be on your podcast. I appreciate that introduction that was nice.

So, let’s jump in and ask you the hot topic question we ask all of our guest. What are your super powers?

My super powers are I can see that passion that fuel from deep within and help push past circumstances to get you there. So, that is my powers!

So how did that come about? That’s not just something you just happen to fall upon.

No, no. What happens to us in life usually molds us into the person we are going to be. There was a time I was taking care of my mom, I was her care taker. I wasn’t doing anything else, just taking care of her and I would do it again in a heart beat I love her to pieces. It came to a point where I decided that I wanted something for myself, so I joined the army.

Oh goodness! I didn’t even know that we had that in common!

Ya! So I dropped 97 pounds and went off to basic training on December 30th, 2013. On the 31st my mom past away. Mentally, I couldn’t hack it a basic, it was too much of an emotional strain, and I just couldn’t do it. That year 2014 is a bit of a blur. I was getting into contact with people that were not in my best interest. They saw my background, my history, and all of my skill and talents at used my grief to basically take advantage of my situation.

I did a lot of work for free and a lot of work that I did not get credit for. I wanted to feel useful and I didn’t want to think about my feelings, grief, and pain. I finally had enough and said I was done with all of these crazy companies and people using me. None of these people are benefiting me as a person or as a professional. I cut everyone off completely. I didn’t what I was going to do or how I was going to do it but I knew being around that energy and those people was not good for me and nothing good was going to come from it.

So I spent a lot of time meditating and talking to God trying to figure out what is I was supposed to be doing. God spoke to me and he said, “Well, your talent is your voice, your gift is talking.” He said I am always on camera and I needed to be somewhere being a speaker. I was like “A speaker? That sound kind of boring, are you sure lord?”

Haha! Asking can we negotiate on this?

Ya, I was not really sure I would like doing something like that. Then it came full force when opportunities started presenting themselves to me. I was wedding officiant I started MC-ing at weddings as well. I started getting offers to do red carpet events, parties, clubs. It all just came to me I didn’t even have to try, I didn’t put out ads looking for work. For whatever reason the Universe was shifting for me and showing me what I was capable of doing. All of those people I was working with before saw this talent in me and knew it was there and used it to their own advantage. I didn’t see it in myself. So, I cleared house.

So, this was becoming a thing. I was considering a public speaking company but that sounded boring to me. Anything I do I try to put my own spin on things and add my own flavor to it. I said you know what I am going to make a public speaking boutique and it’s going to cover these specialty events, it’s going to cover red carpets and its going to cover video work. From there I said it was born. It has been a phenomenal ride that has open up doors I never would have dreamed it would have opened for me. I get invited to some of the most exclusive events in the Atlanta area. I don’t know if you guys know about the Fox Theater but that is a landmark in Atlanta. The Fox Theater events and VIP event for new movie screenings and television shows. People are always hitting me up for these big events.

This weekend I have two big assignments with Whiskey of the World Alanta is a huge event that is a $300 tickets that I get to go and hang out for free and try different whiskeys! Yeah! We drink responsibly! The other event Wolf Creek Casino invited me over for the week so I am spending the week over there with them, all expenses paid. So, it has just been a blessing. The first step that I took was that leap of faith and the second step was believing in myself. I could have taken the leap seven or ten years prior but I would have not been in the place in my life to make those changes.

Once I was finally able to believe in myself that wade the world of difference.

There is so much greatness in that story that you shared. You talk about just asking the question, what I am doing, what is this purpose. Then doing the work is important too. You can’t just ask the question and then poof the answer is there. You have to start doing the work. You traverse through the journey and you’re like wow it just showed up. Then you look back and your like oh ya let me remind myself what it took to get here.

Yes! I know you know this as well. People hit me up all of the time on social media and say “ Oh my gosh Ash, I want to do what you do!” What they don’t understand is that this is not instant coffee. I didn’t do this overnight. I didn’t say hey I am going to be a big time blogger and travel the world and do all of these amazing things over night. It takes work. People don’t see the background that you do, the research that you do, and the reaching out that you do. Everything that encompasses being a successful company and being a successful brand. It’s a lot! Girl you know it’s a lot!

Oh yes it is. I am happy to create short cuts and help people. The biggest thing is the doing of the work is one thing, but facing of the fears over and over is the main thing. I call it the wack a mole. You know it pops up over here and you knock it down, and then it pops over there and you knock it down again. It is all coming from the same root and it definitely get’s easier we wouldn’t do it if it didn’t have it’s rewards and feel like we were progressing.

The biggest challenge I see for folks is calling themselves out on that fear piece. I just got really serious about it and said okay any decision that I making that is based in fear I want to know why. I may not get an answer right away but I wanted to know and I was willing to take a look at it. I contend that is what allowed me to move as fast as I did because I didn’t shy away from that piece of it.

Absolutely, you have to. I think they say that 87% of people hate there job. That’s really sad!

Oh yes, I believe it.

It doesn’t surprise me either. I was in the corporate world and I hated my job but I had a goal in mind. I was trying to pay off my student loans. Those student loans were killer and I wanted those paid off. I finally reached that goal. My mom came to me and said I really need your help with these things and you really don’t like the job anyways. I was like yes you are right and she gave me the green light to do that. I was out of there!

It was really a humbling experience building a company from scratch. This is the first time I had ever done it. I have partnered with other companies, and I have built other peoples brands. This was the first time I was able to build my own brand from scratch. So, I am very careful about who I partner with, what we do, where my logo goes, because everything I do with this company is an extension of me. This company is my baby and you can’t just let your baby around everybody.

Yes, the other company that my husband and I built is in the du diligence realm, when we came out of the counter intelligence field. We train people in that all the time, you have to be careful. Think about who are you allowing into your life. On this side of things we look at it from an energy perspective and energy always seeks to balance itself.

It’s always easier for you to be brought down to other peoples energy than it is to bring a group of people up with you. Some of us do the work to bring the people up but you have to have tools and resources for that. When you are shifting through these energies and frequencies it is easy to get sucked back into negativity and disbelief or you know “You can’t do that” Or “Nobody’s ever done that” type of views. You know it is tough to combat that all of the time, I just prefer to opt out of that and I am very selective of who I let in my personal sphere.

Yes! You have to. You absolutely have to. I will give you an example, I was doing a project with someone I can’t even remember his name. I told him that I really was interested in doing this project with him for whatever reason, it just didn’t feel good. He opened up a whole rant on me girl. He said I walked around like I was so cute and I’m not. That no one will want to work with me because I am impossible. He said I was never going to accomplish anything, all because I didn’t see in his vision.

For a person less evolved it probably would have beat them down and made them feel terrible. For me I thought wow I must be super powerful for him to react that way to me. That was actually a very defining moment for me in understanding my true power. Honestly, I really thank him for that.

Yes, I call those post test. When you can hear things like that in detachment and just sit back and say, like you said, “Huh, I must be very powerful.” Yes, very cool I like those check the box moments. Yep, done with that.

You can only understand the posttest when you have done the work to get there. Then that’s when you can start teaching that and help others move through that space. To me that’s the game.

Yes. I went to an epilepsy event and this women said something very pivotal to me. She said, “Your story is not just your story to go through and then just be done. Your story is yours to go through and then go back and help others.”

Because someone else is going through a storm right now. Someone else is going through a similar or worse situation and they need to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is not a cookie cutter situation but you can make through and that’s what your testimony is.

Yes, I had someone say to me, “Your mess is your message” It is interesting because I find that is a paralyzing place for a lot of people get attached to that story. It gets hard for them to move past that story and realize there was a point in time that they were not in that story. I meet some brilliant remarkable people who are here to teach and to hold hands and really assist people but they won’t move out of their own story for fear of what life might look like without it.

Yes, unfortunately that is a common trap that some people get caught in. For example, my story and dealing with everything that I had to deal with in the passing of my mom was a difficult place for me. But I know that my mom was my biggest source of cheer. She was my biggest inspiration, she was my biggest fan, you know Ash could never do anything wrong.

So I know that she would want me to be happy and she would not want me to live in grief and sadness. Even though I was in that sad place at that time, I knew in my heart that I could not stay there. So, that it is what I try to tell people when they ask me how did you get through this or that. I tell them it did not happen overnight, you have to be persistent. It may takes months or years.

Yes, I always tell people that time is irrelevant it takes diligence. I can say that diligence will expedite the process but it is a rare thing to find people who are truly willing to be that diligent in their existence. To take that level of ownership and responsibility of things, because when you get to that place you don’t get to blame anyone else for anything in your existence. It is a rare thing so I appreciate and I honor the fact that you have gone through that.

So what is new for you? What is next on the agenda?

Well, the media trips that I have been getting are pretty new for me. I will be out at the casino event that I had mentioned before. Also, the Atlantic Hawks have been very helpful in putting me on different media list for different events. So, I have been going to different exhibits and I have been blogging about it. You can find all that at . Everything is there including my daily podcast. I’m excited for 2017, it is looking very promising. I have a lot things cooking so I will have some announcements soon!

Very, cool. Well, we are going to wrap up here and we always end our show with a “live in your power story” Do you have a time where you followed your intuition and took action on it, and what came out of that you could share with our listeners?

Absolutely. The story of “Ash Said It” is the most powerful story I could tell. When I made the choice to jump into this and said okay this is who I am. I went to the secretary of state and filed my trademark. I was scared as heck, it was the little bit of money that I had left. That was really the stepping in faith and taking that leap. That was when I had people coming up to me and saying “Ash you were so good, I really want you to do my event” that was the confirmations that I got to help me build the confidence and believe in myself. Not that I had to have those but it helped to build that internal compass.

Believing in myself was the absolute key. So, when people like that person who came up to me and say am not going to go anywhere and no one will know who I am. I have people from Belgium and all over on my show. For someone who isn’t going anywhere I think I am doing pretty good!

That is an awesome story! I love it.

We can send everyone to to find you, correct?

Yes! Everyone can go there to find me. My social media is there, I am “oneloveash” across social media. I definitely appreciate you having me on the show, I had a great time!

Of course, thank you for being here!

To our listeners, as always we appreciate your loyalty. Until next time, go out, discover your super powers, and change the world.

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