Andretti Karting ***REVIEW

This event was AMAZING! I didn't realize They had a Roswell location until now. Upon arrival we were greeted with wristbands and drink tickets. This was sure to be a great night. We were served the cream of the crop snacks. They had homemade potato chips that they actually made on site. There were tortilla chips and my favorite treat sweet potato fries. These goodies were complimented with spinach artichoke dip and fresh queso. There was also a bar to the side where you could add extras such as salsa, onions and jalapeño peppers. There was a wide variety of sliders but I'm vegetarian so I passed on that section. They did look very appetizing. Our tables were beautifully decorated in Andretti gear. The organizers for this event went above and beyond expectation. OMG THE GAMES! First I have to say that I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't ride the karts with everyone else. My hair was too big and couldn't fit the biggest helmet. Had I tied my hair down earlier I would have been ok. I know better for next time. I enjoyed watching some of our best elites take to the track. The games where great too! I played the 3D Zombie game 3 different times. First it was aliens, then zombies and also robots. It was Crazy but so much fun! I enjoyed this event much more than I thought I would. I will definitely be back on the weekend with my godsons.

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