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55% of People Plan to Move in 2024: Best and Worst Cities for Sleep

More people move in the summer months than any other time of the year. With home prices dropping in many places across the country, families and individuals are looking at the pros and cons of their new city - with 55% planning to relocate this year.

Sleep Foundation - the leading website for sleep information and news - released the Best & Worst U.S. Cities for Sleep, with the west coast boasting some of the best sleep, and the midwest offering some of the worst.


  • Among the top 75 U.S. cities by population, Portland, Oregon, rates as the best city for sleep with the lowest percentage of insufficient sleepers (26.2% averaging less than 7 hours of sleep a night – 6.5% lower than the national average).

  • Detroit, Michigan, rates the worst city for sleep with nearly half (45.6%) of residents not getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

  • California boasts some of the top-sleeping and healthiest cities on our list: San Francisco has the lowest percentage of residents with obesity, San Jose has the lowest percentage with depression, and Irvine has the lowest percentage who lack health insurance and time for exercise.

  • Three Ohio cities are among the bottom 10 with the highest percentage of insufficient sleepers: Toledo (40%), Cincinnati (43%), and Cleveland (43%).

  • Environmental factors can impact a city’s sleep. Top-sleeping cities Seattle, San Jose, and San Francisco are among those with the least amount of light and air pollution. Lincoln, Nebraska, is one of the quietest cities. Of our 10 worst-sleeping cities, Newark, New Jersey, is among the noisiest.

  • Socioeconomic factors can play a role in a city’s sleep too. Top-sleeping Minneapolis has one of the lowest unemployment rates while poor-sleeping Detroit has one of the highest.

  • Five of our worst-slept cities are also among the top 20 cities with sleep-disrupting bed bugs: Philadelphia, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, and Baltimore.

You can view the full survey and find out how your city ranks, here.


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