Georgia Aquarium Hosts New Traveling EcoOcean Exhibit

A new traveling exhibit has come to Georgia Aquarium! The new exhibit, “Israel Sea the Future,” is from EcoOcean, an Israeli not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting marine and coastal environments. This exhibit is the first of its kind and highlights aspects of Israel’s coastal environment and the threats it faces from pollution.

The exhibit opened at Georgia Aquarium on March 19, and can be viewed by the public until April 26, 2017. Guests can view the new, multimedia exhibit at the entrance of the Ocean Voyager Built by The Home Depot gallery, and it is included in the price of General Admission.

The exhibit focuses on the archaeology, wildlife, tourism, natural gas, desalination, and marine agriculture of Israel and its surrounding region. While “Israel Sea the Future” is a new exhibit, EcoOcean has been promoting public awareness for the protection of these environments since 2002.

Their mission is to preserve the marine and coastal environment through research, education, preservation, and public awareness. EcoOcean owns a state of the art research vessel that allows for community outreach, as well as international and European explorations. The ship is soon acquiring broadcasting capabilities that will allow for the research endeavors to be shared with students and educators around the world. EcoOcean also participates in programs and international organizations that focus on sustaining beaches and marine life.

For more information on the traveling exhibit, “Israel Sea the Future,” and to learn more about EcoOcean and their initiatives, please visit Click here to purchase tickets to Georgia Aquarium to see the exhibit before it’s gone!

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