One on One with Taliah Waajid

I was honored to have Natural Hair Care Pioneer Taliah Waajid on the "Ash Said It Daily" podcast. I had a notebook full of questions for this iconic woman.

First, I wanted to talk about how her fascination with hair began. Turns out her very own mother would make a decision to curve Taliah's future forever.

Like most kids, Taliah wanted to fit in with her peers. Most of them had relaxers. She also desired to walk in that path. Her mother had other plans for her. She did not allow her to get her hair relaxed. While it disappointed this young lady, this experience would ultimately lay the foundation for a brand that would surpass expectations.

So she could not get a relaxer but she still needed to manage her natural tresses. This is where her creativity began to mold. Taliah used whatever her mom had around the house to style her hair. She tried many combinations in the effort to maintain moisture. This principle would be key for her future product lines.

You all will be surprised to know that this mogul did not desire to be in the hair industry at first. She loved to sew and she was on the path to a very different future. Taliah was almost a secretary! Wow. Talk about a 180 turn!

She was brimming with joy as we discussed her new line Protective Styles. What I really admire about this woman is her attention to detail. She is very involved in every aspect of every product. She went into great detail when discussing why she picks certain ingredients.

The 20th World Natural Hair Healthy Lifestyle Event kicks of on April 22 in Atlanta, Ga. This two day event summons thousands every single year. This year will be no different. Taliah Waajid has some surprises in store for patrons so you need to get your tickets. Enjoy demos, samples, entertainment and so much more.

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