Taliah Waajid - The Queen of Natural, Curly, Coily Hair

For over 25 years, Taliah Waajid has serviced and educated thousands of her clients and many consumers on the benefits of chemical-free hair care. Taliah is a natural hair care specialist, a licensed master cosmetologist and the manufacturer of the first complete line of products for natural, chemical-free hair care. Taliah Waajid is also the founder and presenter of the World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show™ (naturalhairshow.org ) which is the worlds largest natural hair, beauty and health show of its kind. Taliah Waajid lives, breathes and loves healthy natural hair. Her journey began when her mother refused to give in when Taliah begged her for a perm. She learned to manage and style her hair in creative ways that quickly attracted a following as well as styling requests from friends and neighbors.

At 14 years old, she started her hair care business and quickly built a client base. In 1988, Taliah opened her first natural hair salon in Harlem, NY and continued to build a reputation for healthy, creative, naturalstyles.In 1991, Taliah moved from New York City to Atlanta, GA. She opened a natural hair salon at a time when wearing natural hairstyles was not popular. She grew her client base and fueled the natural movement through a combination of unique techniques and creative styles all while educating clients and stylists on the importance of healthy, natural hair. Other stylists heard of Taliah’s success and wanted to know her secret. Taliah began offering private classes to teach stylists her techniques for professional natural hair care services and braiding. Soon after, she started the Taliah Waajid seminars, a three day intensive training on natural hair, braiding and textured weaving techniques. Taliah Waajid's specialized techniques, along with her years of experience, put her in the forefront of natural hair care and braiding services. Because there were no products in the marketplace that catered to the specific needs of chemical-free hair, in 1996, Taliah created Black Earth Products ™. As demand for her products grew, she introduced a line for children –Kinky, Wavy, Natural™ as well as Curls, Waves and Naturals™. Her products are sold in national retail and local beauty supply stores.In 1994, Taliah started the World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show™,which grew from 25 exhibitors and 150 attendees to over 200 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees from around the world.

Next, Taliah Waajid will present her 20th annual show in Atlanta, GA. As demand for her products grows each year, Taliah will continue to expand her empire. Next, 20 years after the debut of her first natural hair product line, Taliah Waajid will debut her purest and most natural line thus far: Taliah Waajid Pure & Natural Shea-Coco™. The line includes the Shea-Coco Monoi Oil Natural Serum, Shea-Coco Condition Daily Leave-In Conditioner, Shea-Coco Curly Hair Curl Soufflé, Natural Hair Style Cream,and Shea-Coco 2-in-1 Conditioning Co Wash. All of the products have from 97.7% to 98% natural ingredients, except the Shea-Coco Monoi Oil Natural Serum, which is 100% natural.

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