Fresh Bowl Thai ***REVIEW

I LOVE this place! Went to a lunch meeting here and fell in love. This is by far my favorite Thai spot. They greet you merrily upon entrance. That will make anyone smile. The menu is diverse and they always take special orders. I decided to create something unique with pineapple fried rice with shrimp. We munched on some great tasting spring rolls and coconut soup in the meanwhile. The spring rolls were cooked to perfection and were NOT greasy. Even the carrot garnish tasted fresh. Usually I don't eat the garnish but it looked that good! Lol. The coconut soup was perfect. It wasn't too salty and had the right amount of seasoning. Then it was time for the main dish. The entree came out the kitchen with a halo surrounding it. It was amazing. Not only was it not greasy but it was bursting with flavor from the juicy pineapples. Cooked perfectly, good amount and very filling. I will definitely be back!

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