Atlanta Dream defeat Los Angeles Sparks

After last weekend's loss, the Atlanta Dream had no choice but to keep their focus throughout. This win was by no means given. The Dream earned this victory over the Sparks. You could watch these ladies and see that they were all on a mission. Last week's game was a wake up call. They were determined to win this game by any means necessary.

The headliners of the game included Clarendon, Holmes, Hayes, Lyttle and Williams. Layshia Clarendon, the WNBA Player of the week, set a career high of 12 assists. Both Lyttle and Clarendon contributed to 11 total steals. This is the highest for the season.

Tiffany Hayes took the mvp title this time around. With 24 points under her belt, she was unstoppable. When asked about her plays Hayes had this to say: “I just finished the shots I was supposed to finish. "My teammates were finding the open player, if it was me I was knocking it down.”

Even the opposing team had to recognize her drive. Los Angeles Sparks Jantel Lavender On Tiffany Hayes: “She’s aggressive. She’s great. We didn’t open up and didn’t send enough bodies at her. Clearly it was her night.”

This was a riveting game. Fans across the arena were on their seat every minute. The Sparks would not let up and untimately were no match for our Dream. I see these ladies keeping up the momentum for their next big game this Wednesday against the San Antonio Stars.

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