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New Zealand based brand LUXE Fitness has been taking over the fitness world since their launch in May 2016, creating the highest quality protein and weight loss supplement products to help women achieve a healthier, more con dent and balanced lifestyle.

Loved by international celebrities worldwide including Lauren Curtis, Sydney Fashion Blogger, Tammy Hembrow, and Brittney Lee Saunders, LUXE Fitness is fast becoming the go-to for top quality, effective protein powder and weight loss supplements.

Based, developed and produced in New Zealand, LUXE Fitness have quickly developed a global presence in the health and fitness industry with their high quality, effective products and boast an incredible following of 100,000 on Instagram where they connect with clients across the globe.

Crafted with customers’ wellbeing in mind, LUXE Fitness products only use New Zealand Grade 7 whey protein, making LUXE Fitness protein powders the cleanest protein powder in the world.

Focussed on overall health and tness, LUXE Fitness founder Iyia Liu, 23, has created her products alongside registered dieticians, going through numerous rounds of testing for both results and taste, to ensure each product tastes great and helps women achieve a balanced lifestyle.

With over 22g of protein per serve, LUXE Fitness Fat Burning Protein Powder provides a great hit of protein, while also containing very little fat or carbohydrates, making the powder a great low calorie alternative to other protein sources.

With protein powder available in a range of avours, LUXE Fitness have also crafted a vegan protein powder option which is created using pea protein isolate, to complement a well-rounded vegan diet.

LUXE Fitness are also globally recognised for their LUXE Fat Burning Capsules which can support weight management, promote fat burning, increase your metabolic rate, assist with appetite control and encourage thermogenesis.

Offering women so many varied bene ts, using protein powder and supplements can assist people at all stages of their tness journey. Promoting muscle growth which can in turn assist in speeding up your metabolism, LUXE Fitness Fat Burning Protein powder additionally supports muscle recovery after exercise, ensuring you receive all the ongoing bene ts of your workout.

Focused on offering a complete fitness solution for customers, the LUXE Fitness team have also designed their signature 8-week workout and food guides.These have been designed alongside registered dieticians and personal trainers, to ensure the guides will assist you with reaching your health and fitness goals, by focusing on all aspects of your wellbeing.

LUXE Fitness founder and director Iyia Liu is passionate about helping women achieve optimal health and tness results, and understands that sometimes we need an extra push to help us reach our best potential. Having started her LUXE Fitness business from her home garage, Iyia is passionate about offering women just like her a great product, that is cost effective and helps them see results.

“I worked so hard to create a range of products that were effective and helped women feel great about themselves. It has been so ful lling for me to see so many women worldwide use my LUXE products and see fantastic results in their health and tness. My ultimate goal was to help other women like me and the fact that I have been able to build a highly successful business around this has been amazing”.

LUXE tness products are available to purchase online at

Instagram: @luxefitness Facebook: Luxe Fitness (

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