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What do the lawyers leave out?

Ash Brown talks with famed author Sara A Davis. These ladies discuss what most women don't know about divorce, how she filled the void and now how she's helped thousands of women worldwide. She shares 'What Lawyers don't tell you'.


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About Sara A Davis: With a heart to encourage, Sara was inspired to launch Divorce Buddys.

Founded in 2012. Author, Speaker and Guide. A Certified Divorce Coach,

Sara provides experience, insight and key information

for women walking through the journey of divorce.

Sara still believes in marriage, and she believes that marriage is God’s best plan.

Sara lived and learned through the complexities of divorce and sees the need

to guide women to become well-informed.

Following a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from The University of Texas, Austin,

Sara has a resume of business development. Creating business on purpose.

Published Author of “The Smart Gal's Guide thru Divorce. What Lawyers don’t tell you.”

Sara provides "Insider-Thinking". Over 16 chapters of smarts.









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