HIM by DNA - Beard Care Product Launch

HIM By DNA official launch party Atlanta

HIM BY DNA Fall 2015. No Shave November was in full swing. DeCorey Hale, one of the founders decides to participate in the annual event. For years, he had a beard, but it wasn't above shave height. He began posting pictures to his social media regarding NSN, and people responded to it, most notable on Instagram. Soon after, he calls up his good friend and co-founder Nneka, with whom he works some on her online boutique.

They begin talking about how popular beards have become and that there are actually products on the market for beard care. Then comes the idea: test out several brands. The ones we favor the most will be purchased in bulk and sold on the site. After several attempts to connect with vendors and continuously being given a negative response, Nneka suggests they create their own line. Soon after, they link up with Aubrey, a beard aficionado in his own right, and form HIM BY DNA.

After a lot of trial and error creating each product, they came up with four that they felt men really needed: Leave in conditioner, beard butter, beard cleanser, and beard oil. The official launch was July 2016, and has seen much success. Many always ask what the significance of the name is, and it's quite simple: HIM because it is for a man and suits their needs, and DNA, which represents all three: DeCorey, Nneka, and Aubrey.

HIM BY DNA recently decided to relaunch, with the intent of being more attentive to each customer's needs, through feedback and interaction. They are very excited about the future, and look forward to taking HIM to the next chapter of beard care.

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