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Team USA Duathlete Kristen Hetzel

Kristen Hetzel is the first professional athlete to be featured on this program. She went into detail about her childhood dreams

of being a star athlete, her ice bath ritual and words of encouragement for new sports professionals.


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About Kristen Hetzel:

From the beginning of her athletic endeavors Kristen's aspirations have always been to maximize her potential, taking her athletics to the highest level possible.

The last 15 years have been those of commitment, sacrifice, determination, and love of sport.

Her career in competitive athletics began in high school with cross country and track, and she continued her love of cross country and track at the collegiate level where she was awarded an athletic scholarship.

A 5X All-Conference cross country and track runner, Kristen received the Collegiate Athlete of the Year Award, and was voted by her University as the most likely athlete to make it to the Olympics.

She continued racing as an elite level runner in graduate school and in 2006 added cycling to her athletic repetoir. Within 3 years, Kristen was offered a professional cycling contract with the Tucson based, Trisports Cycling/Eclipse Racing team, for whom she raced for 3 years.

In 2012 Kristen competed in her first multisport race and has since been hooked, competing in Duathlons and Triathlons around the world ever since.

Kristen is currently the #6 ranked Female Duathlete in the World in her Division and will be racing to improve her ranking during the 2017 season.

Her Sponsors: Altolab USA, Bellicose Clothing/Intl, Burn Fitness, Carlos Cymerman, De Soto Triathlon Clothing Company, Malibu C, and Nicole Sparachane

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