Nathalie Botros is The Bon-Vivant Girl

Where did The Bon-Vivant brand come from, what is the best approach to a new diet and what is the measure of happiness? All is revealed in this tell all exclusive with Nathalie Botros! This Certified Health Coach & Psychotherapist goes into these issues and then some. You will love her energy as much as I did! Check out full interview below:

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About Nathalie Botros:

I’m a certified health coach and psychotherapist who was born in Lebanon, raised in Turkey and educated in Switzerland. I played and worked in Italy before eventually landing in New York City, where I live today. My international background and fast-paced lifestyle had plenty of good times and difficult times… and there were some periods of excess along the way!

I have never been a skinny girl, but it wasn’t until I moved to NYC that I experienced the biggest weight gain of my life. It was time to fuse my health coach training with my psychotherapist mind to blow up the pattern of binge and purge. I created a new approach for happiness – a pathway and a pattern that starts from what I call being “Hungry for Happy.”

Although my journey started with weight loss my new mindset animated every part of my life, showing me that by loving and accepting myself and living life to the fullest potential I could reach any goal. My new philosophy is called The Bon-Vivant Girl and my mission is to spread my message of self-love and self-acceptance across the globe.

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