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You've Never Had Chocolate Like NicoBella Organics

Registered Dietitian, yoga instructor and CEO of NicoBella Organics Nichole Dandrea gives exclusive interview. This groundbreaking brand grew from her passion. Nichole talks about the challenges that she contantly faced as well as their best selling products. Want to experience NicoBello Organics in 2018? There will be lots of events where you can get a bite!

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About this CEO: Nichole Dandrea-Russert, MS, RD is a dietitian nutritionist and yoga instructor who believes that eating plant-based whole foods are the foundation to healthy holistic living. She also believes that chocolate should be its own food group. She created nicobella organics chocolate to let people know that plant-based eating can be delicious, and uses the nicobella platform to help inspire people to be more kind to their bodies, the earth and to animals. When not in the plant-based world you can find her volunteering at a local animal shelter or farm sanctuary and enjoying the great outdoors with her husband, Ricky and pup, Mariposa in Atlanta, GA.

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