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Why are Postre Caramels so tasty?

CEO of Postre Caramels discussed the birth of a brand, uphill challenges along the way and what makes their caramel way better than the rest!


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About this brand:

The Culmination of two careers spent in the restaurant business, the idea of Postre Caramels began with a dessert on the menu of a little restaurant in the Pacific Northwest. From the beginning, it became a signature that we were repeatedly asked to produce for the masses. While full time jobs running a busy restaurant never allowed us the time to pursue a business centered on this fabulous caramel sauce, it was always in the back of our minds.

Flash forward to 2014 and a long-planned move to amazing Asheville, NC. Energized by this beautiful town in the Blue Ridge Mountains and its openness to new people and their ideas and dreams, Postre Caramels is born.

Working out of a small space in a Woodfin business park we aim to produce caramel sauces that will make you say “wow” or “yum” or both. Starting with that signature sea salt caramel recipe, other flavors will eventually flow down the caramel sauce pipeline and into our innovative, high temperature, recyclable laminate plastic tubes.

So what makes Postre Caramels unique? Just look on the back of our tube. What you will find is a minimal number of high-quality, organic ingredients, and NO preservatives. Originally created to pair with a chocolate hazelnut gateau, the possibilities are almost endless so have fun and enjoy!

About the show:

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