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Abercrombie & Fitch Lenox Square

I have to be honest. I've never shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch. Friends have worked there and I've browsed their inventory. Nothing ever interested me. All that changed this weekend.

When I was contacted about the new prototype store opening in Lenox Square Mall, my curiosity was tweaked. What could this brand do different this time? How will they measure up against the competition? Would I be so inclined to make a purchase?

Lenox Square Mall is the largest mall in the Southeast. It is also one of the oldest. One thing about this mall is that they only house the cream of the crop. If Abercrombie & Fitch was going to jump back into the ring with competitors, they would have to bring their A game. They've done just that!

In the past, this store could come across as very impersonal. That is no longer the case. Upon entering the store, your eyes immediately notice the woodgrain panels on the walls. Nobody else has this. It gives the store a much needed personal touch. It feels like you're hanging out at a friends' house.

They stepped their game up with the clothing. Its more modern and they are tailored to different body types. Whoever is over marketing is doing a phenomenal job in broadening their audience. This was the best move.

There were crowds of people circulating in and out. Every member of the team genuinely greeted every single person that entered. That one kind act makes customers feel appreciated and valued. The team member that helped me during my visit was the most helpful. She spent about 20 minutes helping me decide my new style.

And the icing on the cake was the re-imagined dressing rooms. No more boring white walls. Their state of the art dressing rooms are equipped with 4 different light settings(perfect for selfies), music volume, and wall fixtures to charge your phone. I spent about 10 minutes just playing around with all the settings while on Snapchat. It was like a playground for adults.

I thought I would try on a pair of jeans and a few tops. I had convinced myself that these clothes would not fit my body type. I was wrong. These high waist ripped jeans fit like a glove! I've not had jeans fit me this well in over 10 years. I am always looking for sexy/sleek jeans to wear and I can never find any.

I bought 2 pairs of my new favorite jeans in 2 different washes. The moral of the story is you don't know until you go. If you're in the metro Atlanta area, you need to visit this incredible new store. Forget the Abercrombie & Fitch that you remember and open your mind to a completely new concept.

Keep an eye on for updates on other prototype stores that are set to open soon.

Be sure to tell them that Ash Said It sent ya...

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