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Atlanta International Night Market ***REVIEW***

Ash Said It at Atlanta International Night Market

Atlanta International Night Market was held at Northlake Mall in Tucker, Ga. I have never seen a festival of this magnitude in Georgia. The 3-day gala celebrates diversity, culture and unique cuisine. Over 75,000 people were expected over the course of the weekend. I believe the team saw a lot more than anticipated.

Just like a carnival setting, vendors set their individual price for items. Food ranged from $1-$8 and clothing was priced by the vendor. The soundstage displayed theatre performers, dance teams and entertainment acts the entire weekend.

Events like this open up peoples minds to the world. There were so many nationalities represented. It was outstanding to see so many cultures joined together at one gathering. Despite what is going on in the world, this event celebrates community and togetherness.

The 'Villages' helped to break down sections. The Artist Village hosted artists with their unique homemade arts and crafts. There were countless vendors from around the globe. Japanese, African and so many others were represented. There was handmade jewelry, clothing and bountiful trinkets everywhere.

Kid-zone Village kept the kids entertained with activities throughout the night. There were so many international games for kids to play in order to learn about other cultures. They loved the foreign snacks too. It is so important to keep these young people open to new things as they progress.

I have a sweet tooth. My favorite milk tea spot, Boba Mocha, set up shop in the Specialty Drinks and Sweets Village. I was so excited. I had to get my taro milk tea fix with tapioca. There were countless other spots to try as well.

More than anything, I was looking forward to browsing the Vegan Village. This area was specifically for vendors that sold only vegan food. The creations from these companies blew my mind. I saw everything from vegan sliders to vegan cheese steaks. The prices were reasonable and everyone walked away satisfied.

The Beer Village not only showcased brews from local distilleries but brews from around the world. There was an elaborate selection of beers that are not usually on display. Patrons enjoyed many tastes of the globe.

There is so much to do and see its not a wonder why they need 3 days dedicated to this cause. The non-profit that executed this affair had one goal in mind. They wanted to celebrate as many cultures as possible and unite the community as one. They did just that. Kudos to all the staff and volunteers that made this event such a success. The Atlanta International Night Market gets the 'Ash Said It Stamp of Approval' for most diverse event. I Absolutely loved it.

Photo Credit: Ash Brown (Ash Said It LLC)


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