Sketch Comedy Podcast Show Features Ash Said It!

Ash Brown was invited to be a guest on the Sketch Comedy Podcast Show and I had a blast! Check out the full episode below:

About this week’s sketch:

Mindset. It can change on a whim, it can dictate our mood, and it is the determining factor one whether or not our days are filled with milk and honey or a crap sandwich. It is so important to set your mind early in the morning and put it into a positive space; doing so will lead to prosperous and effective days and a smile as you roll into the evening. Mindset shows everyone around you… “Hey dad?”… What?!? Can’t you see I’m recording? What is wrong with you? You’ve ruined everything and now I have to start over! My life sucks so bad!!!!

Hey! I want to hear from you! Call and leave a message at (207) 200-5993. Why? Why not? If you leave a fun message, I’ll use it on the show!

Next week will feature prominent Portland entertainer Tony Starlight, who has been delighting locals for many years. The best part… we record in a rowboat! Check back next episode to hear us nearly get arrested on the water!

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