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Da Vinci's Donuts Satisfies EVERY Sweet Tooth!

Ash Said It Visits Da Vinci's Donuts

A listener from my podcast told me about this donut shop. I was intrigued. I had not heard of Da Vinci's Donuts up until that point. I quickly did a search to find their website. This cake-like donut was described as light and tender with a crunchy exterior. Sounded great. I could not wait to try my new discovery.

When I arrived, Melissa Rudd (Owner) gave me the warmest greeting in the universe. What a sweetheart. She was not shy at all about giving me the run down. They carry 16 of their most popular flavors daily. Yes. You heard me right. I glanced over 16 of their best selling donuts. Flavors included salted caramel, maple bacon and a ton of others.

I could not wait to sink my teeth into one of these decadent morsals of perfection. These mini donuts are so cute. You could literally try a few flavors guiltfree because of their size. That first bite did something. It took me to the place that all donuts should be. It was light like a pound cake but firm enough to hold itself together. It wasn't too sugary either. I loved it. From start to finish, this was an epic dessert.

Leoanardo Di Vinci gave his blessing to owners Mr. & Mrs. Rudd on this venture. A treat like this doesn't happen by accident. It takes trial, error and alot of dedication. I plan on getting to the bottom of how this amazing brand came to be. Stay tuned to the podcast for an upcoming feature.

In the meantime, visit Da Vinci's Donuts in Sandy Springs, Alpharetta & Dunwoody. Keep a lookout for thier opening in Lenox this fall too! Click Here for more on this brand.

These donuts ROCK because #ashsaidit!

This post contains sponsored links from Da Vinci's Donuts.

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