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Genuine Pizza at Phipps Plaza

Media night at Phipps Plaza for Genuine Pizza was laced with Atlanta press. Outlets from all over the city stopped in to discover what the buzz was all about. Genuine Pizza ATL opened its doors and things would never be the same. This compound has not had a pizza place in quite some time. This might be just what Phipps Plaza needs.

The storefront is warm & welcoming. The 'dough room' is a unique touch. You can actually watch as bakers knead dough to the proper portions. Its interactive and encourages curiosity. Once inside, your attention is drawn into the open kitchen. I was fascinated with the oven. It rotates? Yes it does. I watched an entire pie rotate in a large circle inside this oven. I have never seen anything like this.

After one full rotation in the oven, the pie was promply removed and sliced. Wow. Talk about fast service. I can't think of any restaurant that has such a uniquely crafted oven. It was incredible to watch.

Then it was the moment of truth. I grabbed a slice of the margherita pizza and went all in. It was light but flavorful. I could tell that the basil was fresh basil. The aroma from the plate was enchanting. The mozzarella was superior to any I've had recently. And the tomato sauce was superb. It had a slight sweet/tangy element that made for an overall unique taste. I loved it.

We were also introduced to some small plates. Whoever came up with the idea for polenta fries is a genius. I was obsessed with them the whole night. I never thought of preparing polenta in this fashion. And the spicy ketchup made it all worth it!

I'm not big on brussel sprouts. I can take them or leave them. The brussel sprouts & burrata surprised me. Even though I'm not a fan of this veggie, I wanted to get an honest take on the dish. I'm so glad that I did. I would have been missing out

The staff was so attentive to all of our needs the entire night. Our drinks were steadily replenished and plates were cleared regularly. Their house pinot grigio was the perfect compliment to an amazing meal. I could have caught up with my peers there all night long. But then we had to return to the real world.

As I exited, I was given a bag that housed their chocolate chunk cookie. I said my goodbyes and was on my way. While in the car I got a little inquisitive. What was this cookie that everyone was raving about? Was it really that good? I was about to find out. As I pulled out the mini takeout box with the cookie inside, I noticed something. I could feel heat. That could only mean one thing. The cookie was warm!

I did not leave the parking lot until every last morsel of that delicious sweet confection was consumed. Usually, I would have taken it home and enjoyed it the next day. The fact that it as still warm changed everything. This cookie was a masterpiece. It was as if they had smashed chocolately goodness beween two perfect cookies and lightly sprinkled the top with sea salt. I've never had a better cookie.

My experience here was out of this world. If you're looking for a cool place to hang out with friends, this is the spot. Its very laid back and they source the freshest ingredients for customers. Genuine Pizza ATL is one of the best because Ash Said It! #ashsaidit

Thank You Brave PR for your continued support of my brand. It means the world to me that you value my opinion that much!

Click Here for your local Genuine Pizza.

Photos Courtesy of Ash Said It LLC

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