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The Local Pizzaiolo Astounds The Westside

Ash Said It Attends The Local Pizzaiolo Grand Opening

The Local Pizzaiolo (pronounced Pizza + Yolo) was just what the westside of Atlanta needed. I can't even remember when this area had a pizza place. Its perfect. Not only is the space welcoming but the staff is all about creating a 5-star experience. We were invited to the grand opening event this week and could not wait.

I was fortunate enough to meet both captains of this glorious new venture. Allison Hill was a gemstone. She was brimming with excitement as we discussed the opening of the store. Alot of hard work and dedication went into this project. She was sure that we would be dazzled by the night.

Chef Guilio Adriani was not far from the kitchen. He also could not contain himself while talking about the eatery. They wanted to create a space where people can meet friends, share a pie or two and sip adult beverages. They've done that and then some.

They had specialty cocktails that were amazing. I tip my hat off to the mixologist of the evening. She did her thing. I don't remember what it was called but it was delightful.

Then it was the moment of truth. The pie. Would it be all that I had hoped for? Or would it fall below expectation? I'm here to report that The Local Pizzaiolo is my favorite pizza spot in Atlanta! The dough was light, the sauce was fresh and the ingredients complimented each other. I see myself visiting the westside more often just for a margherita from them.

Not only is this the best crafted pie in the city but may also be the healthiest. A whole margherita pizza has the same calories as two american cheese slices. What? Yes, you heard right. You can eat a whole pie here and leave your guilt at the door.

As a native New Yorker, I'm always seeking that authentic pizzeria experience. Alot of chains make pizza that is really thick and doughy. I hate that. I like my pizza thin but flavorful. The Local Pizzaiolo got it right the first time. Did I forget to mention the flash fried pizza? I've never had fried pizza. Honestly , I did not know that such a thing was done. Thier flash fried margherita pizza was savory with a slight crunch. This is how you upgrade a classic.

We ended the night with nutella bites and gelato. Both were just enough sweetness without going overboard. The bites were light, crunchy and drizzled in nutella. The lemon creme gelato was accompanied by a mini spatula that changed colors. I was tickled pink. What a fun way to end an evening.

Congratulations Allison Hill, Guilio Adriani and everyone involved with bringing this vision to life. I had an awesome experience and I can't wait to return. Kudos to the Babbit Bodner Team and all their hard work. This event was a success and the future is very promising.

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