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i USB Storer ***REVIEW

iUSB Storer

The i-USB Storer has made transferring files from my iPad to my laptop a breeze. This external memory expansion for Apple products does more than just store files. It can playback music and videos without using up too much memory. It runs at lightening speed as you plug it into devices. There is virtually no wait time.

Every so often I'll have issues with sharing data from my iPad to my computer. The airdrop feature just does not cooperate. With being a full time blogger and now photographer, I carry a ton of files with me. When files don't transfer, it is a problem. When airdrop does not want to work I pull out this i-USB Storer to work its magic! It does it in record time and I'm back to work.

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for the tech person in your life. You can also manage your data while it is plugged in. This is honestly the best device since sliced bread. I urge each one of you to purchase yours today as they will sell out for the holidays. Remember: 'Ash Said It'.

Click Here to grab yours before they are gone!

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