#MeToo Movement Sparks a Survivors Anthem on The Music Charts

#MeToo Movement Sparks a Survivors Anthem on The Music Charts

US Army Veteran Releases an Anthem on Surviving Sexual Assault Titled, "Silent for Too Long"

Washington, DC - Inspirational Speaker and retired Army Veteran, Merci L. McKinley decided to write a song about survival amidst the #MeToo, #TimesUp Movements, where women within the military, entertainment, media, business, and sports industries, have shared with the world, that they are choosing to no longer remain silent about their sexual assaults.

McKinley, a seasonal writer and spoken word artist, collaborated with female artist Monielle to deliver this inspiring piece titled “Silent for Too Long”; a call to action in support of women fighting back and regaining their self-identities.

In the piece, McKinley describes the pain, anger, loss, and disparity of one survivor who struggles with the effects of sexual abuse through an acoustic backdrop and poetic landscape.

“Silent for Too Long” is purposed to inspire and evoke a “personal resolve towards understanding the human-being behind the voices”, says the best-selling Indie Author. Merci desires to keep the voice of the survivor at the forefront of the movement, and empower other survivors to keep going strong.

McKinley has been recognized for her humanitarian efforts toward other female veterans who battle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma, and Domestic Violence. She is available to perform and speak about her new release on various media outlets in addition to performing for large and intimate groups.

Merci McKinley strongly believes her message is for those who can “be brave enough to speak with truth but compassionate enough to speak with understanding.”

“Silent for Too Long” is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, other digital music outlets, and at www.mercimckinley.com

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