Alexander Atlas says there’s no excuse on Valentine’s Day

Alexander Atlas is a reformed ladies man that is dropping knowledge through his experiences. Something monumental happened and he vowed to change his bad boy ways. Get insight from Alexander about the inspiration behind his latest book “The Boys you don’t take home: Game Secrets”.

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About the author:

Alexander Atlas writes both fiction and nonfiction. In addition to The Boys You Don't Take Home: Game Secrets, Atlas is also the author of the companion piece, The Girls You Don't Take Home to Mama (published in 2016). He is also working on two novels: Napoleon's Way and From Prey

2 Predator as well as his third self-help installment, The Girls You Don't Take Home: Pandemonium and Chaos. A father of two daughters as well as a motivational fitness trainer, Alexander Atlas incorporates self-improvement into all facets of his life.

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